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Serving Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding areas



I have always had a  passion for interior design and enjoyed helping family and friends  create spaces that they wanted to come home to.  In 2007, I began  partnering with house flippers, remodelers, and builders to select  materials for their houses that would feel fresh, updated and appealing  to buyers.  My services included paint selections, kitchen and bath  design, plumbing and lighting fixtures, flooring, hardware, and more.    

To  complete these transformed homes, I began staging them with   furnishings and accessories from local furniture stores. House staging  has proved to be very effective in selling homes fast and helping home  owners get top dollar.  The first house I staged had multiple offers and  sold in 21 days.  In adding to my Staging experience, I am partnering with Realtors  and Homeowners in getting their occupied houses ready for the market by  using their own furnishings along with design ideas to help buyers feel  At Home.